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Benefit from fast speed mobile internet, with easy installation for your laptop or PC. Choose from prepaid internet or a monthly subscription for mobile internet.

Your benefits:

  • Best coverage (90% of the population) and fastest mobile internet;
  • Instant activation;
  • Easy to install;
  • Prepaid internet or monthly subscription for internet, at your choice.

Connect to subscription mobile internet in 3 simple steps:

  1. Make a subscription:
    • online;
    • call 0040372020202;
    • come to one of our stores or dealers' stores
  2. You'll receive a SIM card and an USB modem;
  3. Connect the modem to your laptop or PC and wait for the automatic install of the connection application.

Connect to prepaid mobile internet in 4 easy steps:

  1. Put the SIM card in the modem (or, if available, in the designated slot of your laptop) and connect the modem to your computer;
  2. Press "Connect" button in the connecting software that will automatically install;
  3. Press "Cartela Internet" button in the connecting software and create an account;
  4. Charge your SIM card and activate the fit offer, directly from Cartela Internet page.


Special offers are available for both monthly subscription and prepaid internet - call *222 to find out specific information on special offers for mobile data services.

Subscription mobile internet for your laptop or PC is easy to install and use. Plug the USB modem in your device and start the connection application.

You'll receive a monthly invoice for your services. Activate paperless bill and receive the bill directly in your MyVodafone account. Activate a Direct Debit service with your bank and the monthly bills will be automatically paid.

Recharging internet prepaid card will ensure you 1€ credit to be used during the validity period, for browsing the internet. To recharge your card, see the available credit and offers, press “Cartela Internet” button in connectivity software.