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Pay monthly price voice plans

Vodafone Business Group subscription brings you a wide range of benefits because of the virtual private network (VPN) that allows you to manage it as you want.

Your benefits:

  • Enjoy special tariffs in the private network, but also reduced tariffs for calls to numbers from Vodafone and other national networks;
  • You can set up short numbers for each network partner so that you can call them faster;
  • As manager of communications services you can control the voice traffic in your company on every level and authorize the company calls per day or destination;
  • You can assign and modify the 4 digit short numbers of your network members;
  • You can configure and manage groups of members belonging to the private network and change the access password;
  • Enjoy the largest 3G data coverage (90% of Romania's population).

You can buy your subscription for Vodafone Business Group by calling Telesales on 037 202 44 44 or directly from any of the Vodafone stores in Romania


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