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Roaming and calling abroad

You can use your subscription or prepaid card from Vodafone Romania while travelling abroad, by activating roaming services.

Your benefits:

  • Use your prepaid card or subscription from Vodafone Romania anywhere in the world;
  • While in Romania or while travelling you can make international calls or send international SMS;
  • You get special extra-options at your choice both when you're in Roaming and when you make international calls;
  • You can make international calls without any special setting.

When outside Romania, if you are a Vodafone subscriber, you need to activate the roaming services from MyVodafone account or by calling *142#. We recommend activating the roaming services one day before your leave.

If you are a prepaid user and you need to use roaming services, no activation is needed, as roaming is activated by default on your prepaid card.

When making international calls, you need to dial the phone number with a "+" or "00" before introducing country's code. When someone calls you from outside Romania, they need to dial your number in the following format: +407XXXXXXXX or 00407XXXXXXXX.

When you are outside Romania, your phone will automatically choose the network with the best signal. You can manually change the roaming partner from your phone.


Vodafone Romania offers you special tariffs and extra-options when you make international calls, to easily communicate with convenient tariffs.

If you use a prepaid card and you are outside Romania and need more credit, you can recharge directly from MyVodafone and pay by credit card.

Call *222 for specific information on international and roaming services and partners.